American has been serving the library and academic communities since 1992. We understand the various stages of the transition process and their relative importance. We can help guide you through the process and foresee the obstacles that can arise durning the project. Gary Hall with his over forty years of experience in the relocation industry along with the experience of the staff at American will bring the professionalism you need to advance your project. The service team at American is knowledable in the special needs of libraries and academic institutions. American's staff is experienced in the various classifications systems used in the library community and the defined classroom needs required in the academic schedule. In each project they know the specialized handling needs associated with the relocation/transition process.
We at American provide the services and help necessary to navigate the path from construction to occupancy of your new facility. If your moving to a temporary service location or directly into a new site our many years of experience will help you avoid potential problems and common transition issues.
From the planning phase to the placement of the item in your new facility, American makes it our mission to make the entire process seamless.
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